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New car warranty

Do you have a new Subaru or thinking of purchasing one but dread the idea of having to take it back to the dealer for 3 to 5 years of servicing? Don't worry. Regardless of what they say or what you have heard, you don't have to.


DFR Automotive (Subaru Specialist) can service your new Subaru whilst under its factory warranty. We use only Genuine parts, the specified oils & carry out (in more detail) the servicing required to keep your Subaru happy & covered under its factory warranty.

The catch... well there isn't one, but you do have to keep to Subaru's servicing schedule.

Example. Most Subaru's say 6 months or 12,500km (which ever comes first).

That means every 6 months regardless if you have traveled 12km or 12,500km, you will need to service the vehicle.

If you happen to do 12,500km in 1 month, well it's due for a service regardless of the time.

In my years of servicing experience, i have found that the majority of Subaru owners will maybe average 12,000km per year so i have always recommended 6 months or 6,000km for their service intervals.

New Subaru's have an amended service schedule which say 12 months or 12,500km (which ever comes first).

That means a full year between servicing & safety checks (and a lot can happen in a year). For these ones, i advise my customers to be cautious in going such a time with out having the vehicle checked for any wear & tear or unforeseen damages.

Example. You service your new Subaru in January but then hit a small pothole or skim a curb in March. You keep driving until the next service (January the following year). You have now driven 10 months & close to 10,000km since your little accident & you would have worn out your good tyres due to your alignment being out from the impact.

If you were doing a 6 month / 6,000km service interval, you would have only driven around 3 months / 3,000km so the damage would have been picked up & repaired sooner saving you money for unnecessary repairs.


Once out of warranty, we can customize a servicing scheduled to suit your driving style so that you are getting the right things done at the right time, keeping your Subaru happy (as well as your wallet).

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