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Subaru servicing

Having 20+ years of experience working on Subaru's, DFR Automotive (Subaru Specialist) can offer everything from basic service & safety checks right through to transmission & cylinder head gasket repairs. We have up to date diagnostic equipment so we can get to the bottom of any trouble code or fuel economy issue your Subaru may have.



We stock both genuine & the best quality aftermarket parts, along with a range of Tyres to suit any model Subaru you may drive.

We have in-house tyre fitting, wheel balancing, suspension & 3D wheel alignment machine so we can handle everything your Subaru needs to keep it safe on the road.

DFR Automotive (Subaru Specialist) is the only place to go for Subaru servicing in the Hornsby & Ku-ring-gai area.

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 We offer...
  • Log book & general servicing.

  • Brake & clutch repairs.

  • eSafety Checks (Pink Slips)

  • Vehicle diagnostics & trouble shooting.

  • Range of Falken Tyres.

  • Tyre fitting, balancing & wheel alignments.

  • Pre-purchase inspections.

  • Steering & suspension.

  • Tailored servicing to suit your budget.

  • Vehicle key repairs.

  • Local pick up & drop offs.

  • Plus more...


 Do you have...


  • a Check Engine or Cruise Control Light Flashing on Your Dash?

  • what sounds like a tweety bird under your car when ever you take off from a stand still?

  • the sound of rushing water coming from behind your dash when you drive away?

  • harsh rumbling throughout the car when ever you turn hard out of your driveway or into roundabouts?


     DON'T PANIC...


These are some very common issues that Subaru's can have, (like every vehicle, they have problems too) but they can all be fixed. At DFR Automotive (Subaru Specialist), we have come across these issues so often that diagnosing & repairing them isn't an issue. So what does that mean? It means that the cost and repair time is kept to a minimum.


Gives us a call and we can help you with all your Subaru needs.

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