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Why choose us?

Because we only work on Subaru's here. That's what we are setup to do & we do it well. We are the leading independent Subaru service centre in the Hornsby & Ku-Ring-gai area so before you take you Subaru back to your local general mechanic,

ask yourself this question.

How many Subaru’s do they do a day?

Yours is probably the only one in their shop, so why choose convenience over quality?

We do more Subaru’s in a day than most shops do in a week (or even a month), so why give your car to a general mechanic who work on all different makes & models, not knowing the finer details of your Subaru.

A perfect example:

General mechanical workshops are like your local GP (Doctor). They can do a lot over a wide range but if not, they will send you to a specialist. Someone who does that one thing all day every day, because that is what they excel at. Getting you the best result for your health. The only problem is that your local general mechanic won't tell you to take your Subaru to a specialist for the fear of loosing you as a customer. Instead they will keep doing basic / general services or worse, attempt to do major repairs but will not do it correctly. (Imagine if your GP started doing major operations in their little surgery).

Would that be in the best interest for your Subaru's health?


At DFR Automotive (Subaru Specialist), we only do Subaru’s, so we can guarantee we know more about your car than they do. We keep the right parts on the shelf to get your car done correctly.

If you don't believe us, just check out our Facebook page. It shows how many Subaru's we work on daily & the cleanliness of our workshop. If your current mechanics shop looks like a junk yard, then that's probably the quality of service your getting.

Other workshops will say they are "Subaru Specialist", but you need to look past their claim. Search their website or Facebook pages and you will find they are (apparently) specialist in many other makes & models too. They are praying on the chance you Google "Subaru Specialist" or "Mazda Specialist" or "Toyota Specialist" (& so on) to stumble across them.

Can you trust a shop that is trying to mislead you into thinking they are a specialist of every make & model out there?


You'll have to decide that for yourself.

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